Wickedness-Man Kills His 4 Year Old Daughter By Burying Her Alive In His Bedroom

No one has the right to kill anyone whether you are the parent or not. The case has also shed light on prejudices against children, especially girls.

There have been cases of parents killing their children out of extreme poverty and an inability to take care of them, or for ritual purposes.

A man has been sentenced to death by hanging by the Jigawa state high court sitting in Ringim, Jigawa state for burying his daughter alive. As contained in a statement issued by the court, a man by the name of Nasiru Hamisu is reported to have killed his 4- year- old daughter Zainab by burying her alive right inside his bedroom. The Judge who presides over the case Justice Ahmed Mohammed Kazaure sentenced Mr. Nasiru Hamisu to death by hanging.

Those in attendance during the Judgement were the council of prosecutors, Ringim General hospital’s doctor, Dr. Musa Adamu Aliyu was also there, Attorney General and three witnesses from the Jigawa state government, the offenders’ parents, the mother of the girl who was killed, and ex-wife of the offender and Mr. Nasiru Hamisu (the offender).


The judge said that the Nigerian police, Jigawa state command were able to arrest one Mr. Nasiru Hamisu following a report which stated that he buried his 4- year- old daughter alive in his room. The arrest according to the report took place last year, 2020.


The Judge said that all the council involved in the case have done their best to prove the case and the results have shown that The defendant, Mr. Nasiru Hamisu committed the said crime and as such, the Judge sentenced Mr. Nasiru Hamisu to death by hanging.


One must understand that life is a gift from God and no one has the right to take it from the other despite any circumstances.


No matter how long it may take, one day the law must take its course just as it happened to Mr. Nasiru Hamisu. No excuse is enough to defend you from committing murder. Note that, the government is committed to the fight against insecurity and threat to human life, therefore never take laws into your hands.