State Award House, How necessary it is??

State Award House, How necessary it is??

After the Sod-cutting of the State Award House by the President of Ghana, most youth have requested the need for such edifice. Presido has taken time to educate us on the activities for which the building of such Award House is necessary.

The Head of State Award Scheme – Ghana is the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Ghana and a member of the International Award Association. It facilitates the development of young people with the President as the Chief Patron.

As they set out to explore and, today’s young people face a broad range of challenges. If they are to succeed, they need the skills, resilience and understanding to help them take on whatever life may throw their way.

The Head of State Award Scheme helps young people to discover their potential– to find their purpose, passion and place in the world. It transforms individuals, communities and societies, helping young people to dream big, challenge themselves and step outside their comfort zone. It allows their achievements to be recognized consistently worldwide through a unique, international accreditation. The Award Scheme is open to all young people aged 14-24, regardless of their background and circumstances. It is about personal development and individual challenge: it is a non-competitive, enjoyable, voluntary and balanced programme, which requires sustained effort over time.

As a non-formal educational framework that can complement formal education or offer a substitute where formal opportunities are not available, the Scheme is comprised of three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold – each progressively more challenging. More than just about Adventurous Journeys or expeditions, it requires young people to choose a form of Voluntary Service, a Skill, Physical Recreation and at Gold level, a Residential Gold Project.

The Award Scheme provides a leisure time activities and a rewarding agenda that fills the gap left by formal tuition and equips young people for life, building their confidence and engaging them with their communities to make a difference to themselves and the world at large.