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NPP Exposes NDC’s Propaganda in Cape Coast North and South Constituencies



NPP Exposes NDC’s Propaganda in Cape Coast North and South Constituencies


Good Morning ladies and gentlemen of the media, we welcome you all to this important press conference.
Our reason of inviting you here today is to expose the hypocrisy of Hon. George Kweku Ricketts Hagan and Hon. Kwamina Minta Nyarko, MP for Cape Coast South and North respectively and the NDC as a whole.
The honourable members of parliament for Cape Coast North and South have engaged the media during and after the confirmation of the President Nominee for Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly and spewed out lies and threw dust into the eyes of good people of cape coast. As a party, we were fully aware of their machinations to ensure that the nominee was never confirmed but thanks to God and some assembly members who didn’t want to trade the development of Cape Coast for any selfish politician; nominee was finally confirmed.
Before the first round of voting to confirm the nominee, Hon. Kweku Ricketts Hagan, moved heaven and earth to ensure that the nominee was rejected to the extent of paying $100.00 to each assembly member of NDC caucus. He told the nominee that, he would make sure that he doesn’t go through in the first round of voting. Hon. Kweku Ricketts Hagan after first round of voting which the nominee failed to get the required 2/3 of the assembly members present, sent a message via WhatsApp to the nominee demanding for negotiations.
“Chief, congratulations! Now you have gotten 50% that I told you, you will get. Now we need to negotiate.” What does Hon. Kweku Ricketts Hagan wanted to negotiate for? He has been going round all the media houses saying, he has no interest in the confirmation of the President nominee. This has exposed hon. Kweku Ricketts big time of his hidden agenda against the nominee. After the nominee failed to heed to his diabolic and selfish plan to deny the good people of Cape Coast funds for development, decided to make sure the nominee never got confirmed to the extent that, he even engaged the former MCE for Cape Coast, Hon. Priscilla Arhin to ensure his plan was achieved. He masterminded a press conference by some NDC assembly members calling themselves “concern assembly members” to allege that the nominee has given them gifts to vote Yes and thereby returning the said gifts to the nominee. As we speak the said gifts have not been returned. When this plan also failed, Kweku Ricketts and his colleague Kwamina Minta Nyarko from Cape Coast North organized a press conference and lied that, assembly members have approached them to make some demands on their behalf knowing very well that each assembly member knows where to send those demands.
In the said press conference, he made unsubstantiated allegations all in a bid to tarnish the image of the nominee and also ensured that the nominee was not confirmed.
Hon. Kweku Rickets Hagan said at their press conference that, Hon. Ernest Arthur has been nominated three times by the President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo. This is not true and it’s exposed the Hon. Member of Parliament about his level of knowledge of the law. Hon. Ernest Arthur was nominated two times by the president and not three times as was being circulated by Hon. Member of Parliament. The law allows for 2nd round of voting within 10 days when the nominee failed to get the required 2/3 of the assembly members present and voting. That was exactly what happened on the night of Wednesday 6th October, 2021 which was within 10 days from the first voting on Monday 27th September 2021.

He again said that, president does not appoint but nominate with his emphasis on the word appointment. I want to draw the attention of the Hon MP to local government act 2016, act 936 (20)(1) “there shall be a District Chief Executive for each district appointed by the president with the prior approval of not less than two-thirds majority of the members of the district assembly present and voting at the meeting.” So, what was his problem with the word appointment? We are not surprise because Hon. Kweku Ricketts does not even know that by law the confirmation of re-nominated M.C.E can take place within 21 days from the day of the re-nomination? This is what we called “THE EFFUSION OF A FRUSTRATED LAW MAKER WHO DOES NOT EVEN KNOW THE LAW”

He also alleged that, the Hon. Ernest Arthur and transport minister Hon. Kweku Ofori Asiamah were planning to perpetrate mayhem in Cape Coast and that, they have brought some members of the invisible forces and land guards to Cape Coast and they were lodging at Elmina Beach Resort (BERJAYA). This was also another palpable lie by Hon. Member of Parliament. We want to bring to the notice of the good people of cape coast and Ghana that none of the personalities mentioned had any intentions whatsoever of causing mayhem and there was nobody lodging at the said Elmina Beach Resort and as I’m speaking to you there is no records to that effect at the reception of the said Resort. The media can also go and do their verification at the reception of the Hotel. We all saw during the confirmation of the nominee at the centre for national culture. Did you see any land guards or invisible forces?
We want to bring to the notice of Hon. MPs and their cohorts what Hon Kweku Ofori Asiamah, the Transport Minister and Hon. Ernest Arthur, the MCE nominee have for Cape Coast

Hon. Kweku Ofori Asiamah, the transport,
Is a peace-loving citizen of Central Region;

He has a house and very strong ties in Cape Coast, especially being the Regional Capital of his native region;

As a Transport Minister with unique love and interest in the development of regional capital, he has played a key role to ensure sea defence being built for the good people of Cape Coast and several coastal towns in Central Region including Egyaa no.1 where Hon. Kweku Ricketts Hagan’s only house is situated.

As a personal commitment to his native region he is also building several landing beaches for the good people of Central region.

Hon. Ernest Arthur (a.k.a Mayor 1), the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly MCE nominee,

4 years as the chairman of the Metro Security Council, in which peaceful environment, Mr Rickettes Hagan has enjoyed on his irregular visits to Cape Coast;

The media and peace-loving Cape Coasters bear witness to a peaceful Cape Coast under his leadership;

Hon. Ernest Arthur does not need to deploy violence to be confirmed as MCE. In fact he had more than half of the assembly members supporting his nomination to lead the Metro.

When all the machinations by Kweku Ricketts and Mintah Nyarko to ensure that the nominee was rejected again after the nomination of the nominee failed, they hatched a plan to disrupt the counting after voting hence, causing confusion which paved the way for the Body Guard of Hon. Kwamina Mintah Nyarko to snatched some of the sorted ballot papers and run away with them. When they realised that plan has also failed, they resorted to over voting claims in the media.
We want bring to the notice of the good people of Cape Coast what actually happened at the Centre for National Culture during the elections to confirm the nominee. After the voting and the ballots box was opened, the EC officials did a reconciliation count and had 63 ballot papers in the box which reconciled with the number of assembly members present and voted. Then, they went ahead and sorted the ballots into “YES” and “NO”. It was after this that one of the NDC hoodlums who is the body guard of Kwamina Mintah Nyarko snatched some of the ballots papers away. The “YES” ballots were counted and they were 45 and the remaining “NO” ballots were 4. So, it came to light that, what NDC hoodlum snatched away were 14 “NO” ballots. Which made the “NO” votes 18, out of which 14 were snatched away. Kweku Ricketts and his NDC cohorts then quickly added the 14 they snatched away to the total votes cast which 63 to arrive at 77 to suit their propaganda and lies.


We also want to further expose Hon. Kweku Ricketts and Hon. Kwamina Mintah Nyarko for making the assembly business partisan something that their party stood against when H.E the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo made a move to amend the relevant portions of the 1992 constitution to allow political parties to sponsor candidates for the Local Assembly Elections.
We want to state it clear to Hon. Kweku rickets Hagan that, we are aware of his national politics which he wants to use cape coast to score those points. We are also aware of his interest in the running mates of his party come 2024 general elections, hence want to trade development of cape coast for his parochial political interest.

We also want to make it clear to Hon. Kweku Ricketts Hagan that, our fore-fathers will rise up yes! They will, but against those selfish individuals like him who after deceiving the good people of Cape Coast to vote for him to be their Member of Parliament for 12 years in which he has been a deputy finance minister, deputy trade and industry minister and also central regional minister and has nothing to show and still wants to trade the development of Cape Coast for his parochial national political interest.
We want to take this time to thank the Presiding Member and the Assembly members who put the development of Cape Coast ahead of one person’s interest and ensured the nominee was confirmed despite the impediments by the detractors of Cape Coast.
Ladies and gentlemen of the media, we also want to response to a press statement by the Cape Coast North and South NDC about the interview H.E the president of the republic of Ghana granted at Eagle FM 87.7MHZ when he visited the central region. President in an interview mistakenly stated that, he never promised people of Cape Coast a harbour. A mistake the president himself admitted and has apologised on a sister station, peace FM 104.3 MHz, we want to take this opportunity to thank his Excellency for quickly apologising to the people of cape coast. We the good people of cape coast have accepted the President’s apology and assure him of our support because Ghana is one country and the President can address any issue happening at any part of the country.
Now, to expose the hypocrisy of the NDC once again, We want to ask them where is the Coca Cola Factory and the airstrip they promised the good people of Cape Coast during Prof. Mills and Mahama government? Where is the garment factory promised by Hon. Kweku Ricketts? People of cape coast are not suffering from short memories as they told Ghanaians. The people of Cape Coast demand that the NDC accept that, they have failed them and must render an unqualified apology.
They threw a challenge to us to come and tell the good people of Cape Coast the projects NPP government has done. There are so many projects NPP government has executed for the good people of Cape Coast. But we will mention few of them.
Sekyere Heman water projects to Solve water crisis in Cape Coast in early 2002. Before the NPP assumed office in 2001 under former president Kufour, the major problem in cape coast was water crisis. This nearly collapsed the schools in Cape Coast because the crisis was so intense. The people of Cape Coast fetched water from the main gutters until the Sekyere Heman water project was completed. “It is said water is life” so, NPP by this single project gave life to people of Cape Coast.
Cape Coast – Accra Highway which was a death trap to many of our family members who ply on daily basis using the route was re-constructed by NPP government.

Construction of Medical School block
Construction of faculty of education building
PSI/SRC Hostel
Medical school hostels

Charter for the Technical University
Student Hostel
New Administration Block
Flats for Lecturers
Main library
Lecture halls
State of arts Engineering workshops and laboratories recently commissioned by the president
$72million Ongoing Sea defence project
Ongoing construction of Warf for the fishermen in Cape Coast
Ongoing Anaafo market which is 80% complete
Infrastructure projects at the various senior high schools in the metropolis;
State of arts Engineering workshops and laboratories at cape tech recently commission by the president
12unit classroom block at Wesley Girls Senior High School
3-storey dormitory block at Wesley Girls SHS
12 unit classroom block at Academy SHS
Dormitory block at UPSHS
12 unit classroom block at UPSHS
4-storey dormitory block at Cape Tech
12 unit classroom block at Cape Tech
2-storey 18 Classroom block at Efutu SHS
12 unit classroom block at Holy Child SHS
6unit classroom block at Mfantsipim SHS
2-storey dormitory block at mfantsipim SHS
6 unit classroom block at Adisadel college
12uint classroom block at Adisadel College
2-storey dormitory block at Adisadel College
12unit classroom block at Ghana National College
2-storey dormitory block at Ghana National College
12unit classroom block at St. Augustine College
Completion of Classroom block, dormitory and master’s bungalow at St. Augustine College
Completion of science lab at Oguaa Sec Tech
Completion of Girl’s Dormitory at Oguaa Sec Tech
Passport office
Ongoing health insurance metro office at Antem
35km Asphaltic overlay in Cape Coast
6unit classroom block at Christ church school
Completion of Siwdo community centre
35km Synohydro road projects at cape coast north constituency
CHPS compound at Kakumdo
1 District 1 warehouse at Efutu opposite Efutu health centre
3 ambulances under one constituency one ambulance. One for each constituency and one for the teaching hospital
Footbridge over Kakum river between Esuekyir and Ebubonko
Artisan village at Mempeasem
Feasibility studies ongoing for the construction cape coast airport
Construction of 10 WC toilets facilities to curb open defecations in Cape Coast
3unit classroom block at Brabadze
3unit classroom block for Antem Basic School completed and in use
3unit classroom block at Jacob Wilson Sey basic school completed and in use
Ongoing 6unit classroom block at Antem
Fencing of the Antem School
And many more
The NPP government started the Cape Coast Stadium but they failed to acknowledge that;
It is on records that, the land was acquired by the NPP government
Site clearing was done by the NPP government
Drainage system was done by the NPP government
Later when Prof. Mills’ government came into office, the Chinese government decided to build the stadium for the Republic of Ghana.
Cape Coast will not die but will grow from strength to strength, development to development and it shall regain it past glory.
Long Live Cape Coast
Long Live Ghana
Thank You

Ebenezer Kwame Sam
NPP, Cape Coast South Constituency

Emmanuel Ebo Sarbah
NPP, Cape Coast North Constituency

Samuel Adu Yeboah
Communications Officer
NPP, Cape Coast South Constituency

Isaac Newton Dick
Communication Officer
NPP, Cape Coast North Constituency

Mohammed Hadi Hassan
Research and Elections Officer
NPP, Cape Coast South Constituency

Kweku Aboagye
Research and Elections Officer
NPP, Cape Coast North Constituency

General News

Unemployment rate started rising under Mahama – Duffuor



Unemployment rate started rising under Mahama – Duffuor

Former Finance Minister Dr Kwabena Duffuor has said he was able to assist the late Professor John Evans Atta Mills to reduce unemployment rate from the time Prof Mills became President in 2009 to 2012.
But, he said, the rate started increasing from 2013 to 2015, the period that Former President John Dramani Mahama was in office.
Delivering a public lecture in Accra on Monday November 29, he said “High and rising inflation increases the cost of living at a fast pace, thereby eroding people’s real incomes and savings. By fueling wage pressures and raising the cost of other production inputs, it also increases the cost of doing business. Furthermore, rising inflation forces up interest and lending rates, since savers—whose surplus funds are lent to borrowers—naturally demand a higher reward for deferring consumption to the future. Higher lending rates then lead to the cancellation of otherwise viable investments, with negative effects on economic growth and employment generation.
“Historically, Ghana has experienced these effects of inflation in their most destructive forms, as the country’s post-independence economic history is marked by many episodes of runaway inflation, including prolonged periods of hyperinflation in the 1970s and 80s.
“Because Ghana relies heavily on imports to meet its consumption needs, a rapidly depreciating exchange rate is a major source of inflation. In addition, given the country’s rapid build-up of foreign debt, which accounts for about half of total public debt, a sharply weakening exchange rate significantly increases the size of the foreign debt and the cost of servicing it in domestic currency terms. In fact, research conducted by the Institute for Fiscal Studies has shown that exchange rate depreciation is a significant driver of Ghana’s public debt dynamics, as it accounted for almost 30% of the growth of public debt between 2006 and 2019.
“These problems call for the effective management of inflation and the exchange rate to ensure their stability to protect living standards and support rapid economic growth and development. To achieve this requires, from the macroeconomic perspective, disciplined fiscal and monetary policies.
“Mr. Chairman, this has been done before. In 2009–2012 under the Mills NDC administration, our success in lowering the fiscal deficit from 14.5% of GDP in 2008 to 4% of GDP by 2011, as well as our success in slowing the rate of monetary growth, facilitated a fall in inflation from 18.1% in December 2008 to single digits for 31 consecutive months starting from June 2010 to December 2012. This remains to date the longest period of single-digit inflation in Ghana since independence. The exchange rate also achieved a measure of stability during the period, as it depreciated by 10.1% per annum on average in 2009–2012, which is one of the lowest rates of average depreciation during the Fourth Republic. The World Bank indicated in their 2011 report that in 2011, Ghana was the fastest growing economy in the World with GDP of 14.5% and a decline in interest rates to the lowest level in four decades.
“In his 1999 speech at ‘President Ball and Fundraising dinner’ at the Tema Rotary Club, Dr. J.L.S Abbey lauded the 1998 Macro-Economic Performance of Ghana, saying ‘Last year, most of the financial targets of Government were met: monetary growth over the period was less than 18 percent: the exchange rate depreciated by less than 5% and the rate of inflation declined. These targets were achieved by the strong enforcement of laws relating to banking and use of foreign currency, by prudent use of repurchase agreements in monetary management, and by placing a limit on excessive budgetary spending by government’. We have done this before. Mr. Chairman, I have personally been part of doing this before, so I know it can be done and that it must be done.
“As concerns mount about rising inflation in recent months, the government should take a second look at its fiscal and monetary policies, especially the former, and ensure that they are sustainable and conducive to the effective control of inflation and the maintenance of a stable exchange rate.
“Besides firm fiscal and monetary policies, good real sector policies that lead to strong economic growth play a critical role in ensuring price and exchange rate stability. The stellar performance of real GDP growth in 2009–2012 was therefore a significant factor that led to the stable macroeconomic environment during the period. From 2009–2012, overall real GDP grew at an average rate of 9%, which is the highest rate under any administration in Ghana’s history. Even the non-oil real GDP growth rate, which stood at an average of 7.4% during the period, is the highest under any administration in the country’s history. Effective real sector policies should therefore be pursued to achieve high economic growth and employment creation, as it happened between 2009–2012, and thereby helped to maintain a stable macroeconomic environment.
“Again, through effective real sector policies, unemployment was tamed under the Mills NDC Administration and I was the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning.  The total unemployment rate which stood at 10.4% in the year 2000 witnessed a declining trend to 5.3% by the end of 2010 and further declined to 2.2% by the end of 2013. However, after 2013, total unemployment rate saw another upward swing, increasing sharply to 6.8% by the end of 2015.
“It is therefore clear that the stellar performance of real GDP growth in 2009–2012 was a significant factor that led to lower unemployment level and which further led to job creation during 2009–2012 period.”
By Laud Nartey||Ghana

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Post budget workshop helps MPs to interrogate budget statement



Post budget workshop helps MPs to interrogate budget statement

Majority Leader, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu has stated that post budget workshop was to help members interrogate critical issues during the consideration of the budget estimates and conduct effective oversight role.

He said it was also designed to provide members with insight into the budget to enable them debate and make meaningful contributions on the floor of the House.

He said as representative of the people they owed it a duty to thoroughly scrutinize the budget to determine the extent to which it addressed the country’s developmental challenges particular issues relating to poverty eradication, gender, children and vulnerable issues, employment, social issues, infrastructural challenges and the security of the nation.

He made the observation at a Post Budget Workshop for Members of Parliament (MPs) on the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy of Government at Ho in the Volta Region.

Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu has however served notice to government that the Minority Caucus in Parliament would not support the introduction of the proposed electronic levy policy in the 2022 budget statement.

He said the proposed levy served as a disincentive for the growth of the digital economy, investment and the development of the private sector of the country.

“Mr Speaker, our concern is whether the e-levy itself is not and will not be a disincentive to the growth of the digital economy in our country. We are convinced that the e-levy may as well even be a disincentive to investment and a disincentive to private sector development in our country.

“Mr Speaker, we in the minority may not and will not support the government with the introduction of that particular e-levy. We are unable to build a national consensus on that particular matter.”

The workshop is aimed at equipping members with skills to enable them scrutinize the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy of the Government and to pass the 2021 Appropriation Act.

The platform also created opportunity for knowledge and experience sharing by members and to understand the policy-underpinnings of government on finances and economic planning for the year 2022.

Mr Iddrisu added that the Minister of Finance in his effort to redeem the economy sought to introduce some measures including; the controversial e-levy or digital levy.

He said the proposed e-levy would be dangerous to the Ghanaian economy as many people would move back to the cash system and defeat the drive towards the paperless system, which he said was their motivating factor not to support the introduction of the levy.

“To paraphrase the Vice President why tax the ordinary poor people…since when have the poor been above ordinary for momo and banking to be taxed and even the projection of 1.75 percent e-levy may as well workout to be 3.75 percent” he added.

Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta in his comment highlighted some of the positive fiscal and macro-economic indicators, which he said pointed to good economic trajectory.

He said 2022 Budget Statement was geared towards post COVID-19 recovery agenda, revitalization and transformation of the economy while ensuring fiscal and debt sustainability to promote macro-economic stability for the recovery process and growth of the economy.

The proposed e-levy is scheduled to start on January 1, 2022, if approved by Parliament.

In 2020, the total value of transactions was estimated to be over GH¢500 million with mobile money subscribers and users growing by 16 percent in 2019.

According to a Bank of Ghana report, Ghana saw an increase of over 120 percent in the value of digital transactions between February 2020 and February 2021 compared to 44 percent for the period February 2019 to February 2020 due to the convenience they offer.


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Debate on 2022 Budget Statement begins Tuesday, November 23



Debate on 2022 Budget Statement begins Tuesday, November 23

Majority Leader Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu has informed Parliament that the debate on the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy of Government would commence next Tuesday, November 23.

He said the Business Committee looked forward to a well-researched and informed debate, and proposed that discussion for each day be structured along specific sectors.

“That is to ensure coherence, comprehension and logical flow of the debate,” the Majority Leader said, as he presented, in Parliament, the Business Statement for the Fifth Week Ending Friday, November 26, 2021.

Mr Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu said the Business Committee recommended Tuesday, November 23, for the Finance, Environment, Gender, Foreign Affairs, Youth and Sports and Employment committees to take their turn.

Wednesday, November 24, is for the Health, Trade and Industry, Communication, Local Government, Lands and Forestry, Works and Housing, and Energy and Mining committees.

Thursday, November 25, would have the Education, Agriculture, Roads and Transport, Defence and Interior, Judiciary, Parliament, Independent Governance Institutions and Government Machinery committees taking their turn.

The leadership; the Majority and Minority sides, would conclude the debate on Friday, November 26.

Mr Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu said on each day of the debate, two members from each side of the political divide would be expected to contribute to the discussion.

He urged the House to stick to the 1000 hours normal time to start proceedings, having regard to the business scheduled for the week under consideration.

The Business Committee recommended extended sitting for each day to enable the House to conclude on Friday, as scheduled.



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