NDC Ashanti Youth: Mahama Lied About Government Projects In Ashanti Region 

NDC Ashanti Youth: Mahama Lied About Government Projects In Ashanti Region

Subsequent to our press statement yesterday, a lot of arguments have been advanced that John Mahama did so much projects for Ashanti Region even if he did not appoint anyone from Ashanti Region in his cabinet.

In this statement, we lay the records straight that the assertion is a palpable lie and cannot be allowed to stand.

The pride of every leader is to leave behind a good legacy. Without a lasting legacy, the name of a leader fades easily and never remembered by posterity. It is sad to notice a perpetual effort to bury the name of the late Professor JEA Mills in a deliberate attempt to attribute all his gains to John Mahama. In fact this agenda has been rolled out well that the average Ghanaian has nothing left to associate with the late Professor.

Setting the records straight
John Mahama promises not to abandon projects as he accuses Akufo-Addo of same. The records, however, points clearly that the projects that John Mahama is complaining about were abandoned by he, John Mahama.

In the case of Afari Hospital, the project was an idea by H.E Kufuor but started by H.E. Mills and unfortunately JM couldn’t complete before he left office.

The much-talked about Fomena and Kumawu Hospitals were all started by JEA Mills but JM took over and failed to raise the required Letter of Credit needed by the contractors to complete the projects.

How can John Mahama then turn around and play the ostrich and blame another government for abandoning these projects when indeed he should be apologising to Ghanaians.

In the case of Sofoline Interchange, the project was funded under the ‘Gang of Four’ projects which included Achimota Ofankor, Pokuase-Amasaman and Adenta- Madina and later Dansoman roads.

Why did John Mahama fail to complete the Sofoline Interchange after his own boss JEA Mills committed so much resources to it.

John Mahama cannot be accusing any government of something he is guilty of. He has no credibility to talk about such matters and cannot be allowed to run his mouth just to scheme his way back to lead NDC.

Finally, our records show clearly that the Kejetia Market is a project initiated by the Otumfuo and Professor JEA Mills. Any credits whatsoever must be credited to these duo and not John Mahama.

The youth of the region still maintain that the region was humiliated and neglected for his failure to appoint anyone from the region unto his cabinet. In fact, the first head of state to exclude the region from his cabinet. We also maintain that the projects he taunts about are all fallacies and are never his projects. He should simply go on retirement and make way for new leadership for the NDC.

Kweku Asare Mensah