Miguel Prince Kakra Nyanful writes

Miguel Prince Kakra Nyanful writes ,

In recent times , the journalism profession in this country has taken a very perilous trend which must be treated as a matter of urgency.

Journalists of our dear nation,  be it radio , TV or print media have allowed their political sentiments to override their ethics of work and the substance of the work they undertake. Until we treat this issue holistically and find a genuine way of restoring sanity and santimuousness in our media fraternity, we will continue to experience these miscarriages.

Journalists in Ghana are always parched to find stories to unpopularized government and its officials at the detriment and expense of a community which seriously needs the coverage of the media on their wellbeing.

The factions that has visited our media leaves much to be desired. This also needs to be fixed.

We can’t erode the enormous contribution of the media towards our democracy but in everything, let’s allow competency and a right sense of judgement and humor lead us.

We know you are all journalists. Being a journalist doesn’t mean you are all knowing.

We know you are journalists but whenever you are going about your job, do it with common sense .

Unnecessary vituperations and venomous stances and blunt nature of our commentary and reportage won’t lead us anywhere