Kwamena Minta, Your lies are exposed-CCN NPP

Kwamena Minta, Your lies are exposed-CCN NPP

The New Patriotic Party has released a presser that seek to expose the lies of  the Cape Coast North MP, Dr. Kwamena Mintah Nyarku. They believe he’s about a mischievous mission in the constituency.

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19TH APRIL, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we welcome you to this morning’s press conference and express our appreciation to you for responding to our call at such a short notice.
The purpose of this gathering is to highlight on the road projects that the NEW PATRIOTIC PARTY Government has undertaken since 2017 under His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuff-Addo.
Ladies and gentlemen, it will interest you to know that this government so far is the government that has granted the largest kilometer of inner city roads for the people of Cape Coast North under the 4th Republic. Work is being done for over 21 km stretch of roads within Cape Coast North for which is most near completion and a few others at various advanced level of completion.
Ladies and gentlemen, kindly permit us to list a few of the road projects that are on-going;
1. Rehabilitation of Akotokyir Roads and links-3.07km
2. Rehabilitation of Amamoma Roads – 4.56km
3. Rehabilitation of Abura New Community Area Roads – 7.37km
4. Partial Reconstruction of Cape Coast Technical University Roads and Links -5.30km
5. Rehabilitation of Kwaprow Link Road -1.64km
Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we are pleased to say that the above mentioned road projects are not mere planned or intended projects but ongoing and is being funded by Government through Sino hydro project fund.

Construction of these roads started on 21st November, 2019 at a time there was NPP Member of Parliament for Cape Coast North.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is also important to mention that apart from these projects that are on-going and at various levels of completion, Government has also put in place plans to soon commence construction of some more linking roads. These roads include;
1. Link Road from Cape Coast Teaching Hospital to Nkanfoa Pentecost junction.
2. Link Road from Nkanfoa Methodist School to Academy of Christ the King SHS at Abura.
3. Link from Efutu Kokwado to Efutu Mampong.
All of these projects also to be funded by the Government of Ghana.
The lies of the Cape Coast North MP, Hon. Kwamena Minta Nyarku;
1. The MP in an interview with Joy TV lied that he has secured a contract to construct link road from Dehia through to Efutu Kokwado to Efutu Mampong.
2. He also lied that he has secured a contract to construct a link road from Academy through Nkanfoa to Moree.
3. Again, he lied that he has secured a contract to construct a road to link Akotokyir through Kwaprow to Duakor.
All of these are palpable lies and very dishonorable of a Member of Parliament to engage in.

By spewing these lies, he has exposed himself that he knows nothing about his role as a Member of Parliament, his mandate and the processes towards securing a contract.

Press conference at Cape Coast North
Press conference at Cape Coast North

These are projects that the MP, Hon. Kwamena Minta Nyarku knows nothing about. As a matter of fact plans and initiatives on such roads were made at a time he was not an MP. How can one claim to have secured a contract to start something that was started far before he assumed office as an MP.

We would like to ask Hon. Kwamena Minta Nyarku a few questions;
1. Did he secure the above mentioned road projects/contracts at a time he was not an MP? We ask because government secured contract for these roads far before he became an MP.
2. Can he tell the good people of Cape Coast North the total amount he is spending on the so- called contract that he claims to have secured?
3. Can he make public the said secured contract details?

Astro Turf;
We received the news of providing an Astroturf by Hon. Kwamena Minta Nyarku for Cape Coast North with gladness

Truthfully, we are itching to see such developmental projects here in our constituency but would want to bring to the attention of the good people of Cape Coast North that he fail to tell us when he will commence work on the Astroturf and where exactly he will be constructing it. We want to know.

Finally, we would want to advice the MP to desist from falsehood and lies. The Cape Coast North seat must not be tainted. None of his predecessors took this path and so the least we expect from him is to sustain the integrity of the seat until he hands over to an NPP Member of Parliament in January, 2025.

Thank you very much

David Ato Sam (2nd Vice Chairman) – 0541432988
Ebo Sarbah (Constituency Secretary) – 0270426777
Anthony Arku- Korsah (Youth Organizer) – 0572966700
Isaac Dick (Communication Officer) – 0579534047