Empowering Women in Politics – Vida Opoku Agyemang

Empowering Women in Politics – Vida Opoku Agyemang

As part of the party’s agenda in ensuring another four more years for H.E Nana Akuffo Addo and the NPP, in election 2016 and 2020, mobilizing and canvassing votes was the objective of the party and it is in this regard, that saw some hard working women hitting almost all the 275 constituencies in the country to campaign on the ticket of the NPP.

As the call for empowering women in politics for our gallant leaders have been well received, we seek also to call the attention of leadership to the fact that the women who led our campaign in the country (visited the hinterlands, communicated for the party day and night, embarked on outreach programs, policed the ballots, received different levels of threat, etc.) are to be encouraged and well looked after.

We must emphasize that their selflessness and dedication to the course of the NPP was very apparent in the heat of the 2016 and 2020 campaign. In most cases, they were the people that the grassroot could fall on. They are known, their voices are familiar, they were heard, and are also known to have led the youth and communication front in the country.

Some women have really contributed a lot to the welfare and development of the party grassroots, and therefore motivating them to work hard for the party is a right call and also appoint such women for Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executive positions. We support this call.

Our humble plea to the government is that, we need these women who knows the philosophy of winning numbers for the party and loved everyone and can also work with everyone should consider this for a brighter future of the party.

The introduction of several campaign strategies adopted by the women in the previous years is a clear attestation that when the party encourage them and also give them appointments, they will rise up to do more towards the realization of the president’s policies.

The party should learn how to build good relationships with the women, community engagement, investor connections, a road map for jobs, etc.

But we seek to advise that the party do not allow the joy of this victory to overcome the women in politics determination to transform the party. We hope under this initiative of empowering women they will enjoy peace and see development which has eluded them for decades. I make a passionate appeal to political leaders to continue or start to empower the hardworking and energetic women in politics.

We are of a firm hope that with these people in appointive positions, the grassroot of the party will be energized and well-resourced from greater works in 2024. It will also serve as a great motivation to many of us that our hardwork will one day be rewarded.

We pray our appeal is warmly received.