Captain Smart Plotted to Ditch Angel’s Kwaku Oteng

Captain Smart Plotted to Ditch Angel’s Kwaku Oteng


The fact is indisputable that Captain Smart has severed his ties with Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s Angel Broadcast Network. His appearance on Paul Adom-Otchere’s Good Evening Ghana and the things he spoke about speak volumes about the fact that he has broken his fidelity with Angel FM. He is set to move to Original FM, a sibling of Metro TV since the same person owns the two stations.

That in itself does not boggle any mind. As a matter of fact, if an employee wants to move on to another environment for whatever reasons, that shouldn’t be the concern of outsiders. However, this move raises more questions which ought to be interrogated.

Mr. Smart didn’t shy away from confirming the allegations being bruited around to the effect that some top government officials had coerced Dr. Kwaku Oteng to suspend him for insulting or attacking them. He even mentioned the President and the Vice President as some of the officials he has attacked on his morning show. That, he said, led to his predicament.

While we cannot establish the veracity of his claim as same transpired between him and his boss, we can deduce, assuming his version is true, from what happened on Metro TV and the fact that he is moving to Original FM that there is a missing link.

How is it possible for Captain Smart to have been suspended and in a few hours, rumours were rife, even he subtly mentioned it on Good Evening Ghana, that he would land a juicy contract from Original FM, a few hours, the same day, it must be emphasized? This is a tale kids would love to embrace.

The fact of the matter is that Captain’s move was brokered long before this suspension issue came to the fore. His sudden transition from the Angel network to Original leaves so much to be desired and a lot of gaping holes to be filled.

Clearly, he planned, rehearsed, choreographed and executed this move using the culture of silence phraseology which has come to town thanks to Sir Sam Jonah. He wasn’t oblivious of the fact that he was going too far with his vitriolic attacks on the President and Vice President. His attention was continuously drawn to the fact that the ethics of his profession and what the radio station stands for were in jeopardy looking at how he was handling issues on the show.

He saw an opening, a window of an opportunity through which he could depart from Angel FM and exploited same. He was fully aware of the relationship between the owner of the station and the party in power and decided to jump off using that link.

In effect, Captain Smart used the culture of silence mantra as a springboard to leap from Angel FM to Original. He intensified his attacks knowing that it could get him into trouble and that would gift him the opportunity he was looking for to flee to the station he’d brokered a deal with. He only sought to give a dog a bad name in order to hang it. He was not being silenced at Angel. He only created that impression in order for him to achieve his objective of honouring an impending new contract.

Source: P. K Sarpong