A tale of Fabrications, Abed Bandim has nothing to show after 100 days as MP

A tale of Fabrications, Abed Bandim has nothing to show after 100 days as MP

1st May, 2021

For Immediate Release


The communication Bureau of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the North East region has chanced upon a voice recording of the NDC Member of Parliament for the Bunkpurugu constituency cataloging his achievements as an MP within his first hundred (100) days in Parliament. These are but a tale of falsehood which I will soon be exposing. In the said audio, the Honourable MP purports to be granting an interview to Citi FM but listening to the audio carefully by even the most unintelligent person will reveal that he sat in his room and did the recording. One basic thing in the audio that gives him away is the fact that he spoke alone for 11 minutes 6 seconds without anybody questioning or interrupting him. Even the most partisan journalist would not give him such freedom to speak. He starts the supposed interview with “Thank you so much Citi” and ends with “Thank you again Citi FM” without anybody questioning him anywhere in the interview and you wonder what sort of interview it was. Another significant thing in the interview that blew off his cover is that, when he had spoken for 4 minutes 58 seconds, he said “Water is another issue that I have talked to Citi FM about”. Doesn’t this sound like he was talking to somebody else about what he told Citi FM? But that is not our main concern.

First of all, Hon. Abed Bandim claimed that he bought a Motorbike for the GES directorate in Bunkpurugu to be used for monitoring of schools. But our checks at the GES directorate indicate that there is no such Motorbike at the directorate. According to an officer at the directorate, the MP only promised to buy the directorate a motorbike but that the promise was yet to be fulfilled. It’s important to indicate that the GES directorate in Bunkpurugu does not lack motorbikes to undertake monitoring of their schools. This is because, the government of H E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo through the ministry of education in 2020 procured enough motorbikes for all district directorates of GES in the five (5) regions of the North.

Still on education, the MP also claimed that at the time of his visit to the GES office, the directorate did not have electricity to print examination questions for the basic school pupils who were about to go on vacation to write their terminal exams. Let me put it on record that the Primary school pupils who went on vacation on 16th April, 2021 did not write terminal exams. Prior to the vacation, the director general of GES had issued a directive to all district directors of education to also direct head teachers of all Primary schools not to conduct terminal exams for the pupils. The director general’s directive further indicated that head teachers who wished to conduct exams for their pupils before vacation should write the questions on CHALKBOARDS. That is, all head teachers were strictly warned not to print terminal examination questions for the primary school pupils. It’s also important to state that the Bunkpurugu/Nakpanduri district directorate of GES has never printed exam questions from their office for their basic schools. The head teachers either organize the printing of their individual school exam questions or the district education directorate will contract a consortium to supply them questions and the schools will pay. So it’s a total falsehood that the Bunkpurugu/Nakpanduri district directorate of GES couldn’t print examination questions because they didn’t have electricity.

In the same audio, the Honourable MP also claimed that he successfully facilitated the payment of 80% NHIS claims for some health facilities in his constituency and in the Yunyoo constituency which had been outstanding since December 2019. Really! This is a palpable falsehood. The fact that he himself said, in the audio, that he facilitated the payment of NHIS claims for some health facilities in the Yunyoo constituency alone gives the honorable man away. This is because the Yunyoo constituency belongs to a different administrative district called the Yunyoo/Nansuan district with a separate health directorate. Checks at the Yunyoo/Nansuan district health directorate indicate that the Hon. Abed didn’t visit the district health directorate of the Yunyoo/Nansuan district to listen to their challenges and so how did he know that some health facilities in the Yunyoo/Nansuan district were also owed by the NHIS for him to facilitate payment?

What are the facts of the matter? The Honourable MP took advantage of the sincerity of the district health director of the Bunkpurugu/Nakpanduri district to reap where he didn’t sow. When the Honourable Abed visited the district health directorate to listen to their challenges, and thinking he was coming with already made solutions, the district health director, among other issues, mentioned that some health facilities in his district were owed claims since December 2019 by the NHIS. The director also added that the problem was entirely the fault of those health facilities. This is because they failed to renew their credential licenses with the NHIA which qualify them to operate as NHIS accredited health facilities. The managers of those facilities sat down and allowed their credential licenses to expire and once a health facility’s credential license expires, such a health facility ceases to operate as an NHIS accredited health facility. There were also some few health facilities in the Yunyoo/Nansuan district with the same problem. So the two directors jointly petitioned the NHIA on 8th January, 2021 to consider those health facilities. This was even before Hon. Abed properly took his seat in parliament. A reply from the NHIA came on 25th March, 2021 indicating that the authority would allow those health facilities to submit their claims but that the authority would pay 80% of the claims and pay the remaining 20% after those facilities had taken the necessary steps to renew their credential licenses.

When the district health director for Bunkpurugu/Nakpanduri district gave this foregoing narration, he produced their joint petition to NHIA and also the reply from the NHIA to show to Hon. Abed with the mistaken belief that he was dealing with an honorable and a sincere man. According to our source at the district health directorate, the Hon. Abed took a screenshot of the NHIA’s reply. And that is the screenshot he is using to claim he facilitated the payment of those NHIS claims. And let me also place on record that the NHIA has not yet even paid the 80% the authority promised to pay because according to the district health directorate, it took them a little while to be able to put their claims together to submit to the NHIA. Meanwhile the Hon Abed claimed, in the audio, that the 80% had already been paid. Also, our checks at NHIA in Accra revealed that Hon. Abed has never visited the offices of the NHIA, not even before he became an MP.

Rather sadly, when the Hon. Abed Bandim’s voice recording went viral and got to the attention of the affected health facilities, they started mounting pressure on the district health director for Bunkpurugu/Nakpanduri district to release their claims to them. According to them, that Hon. Abed said the claims had been paid. So when the pressure on the district health director was getting out of hand, he wrote a letter on Wednesday 28th April, 2021 to Hon. Abed to help talk to the NHIA to pay the claims he alleged had been paid. The district health director also appealed to the Honourable MP, that if he could not convince the NHIA to release their claims to them, then he should clarify to the general public that his claim in the audio that the NHIA had already paid 80% of the claims was false.

The Honourable MP for Bunkpurugu constituency further claimed that, as part of his 100 days achievements, he has been able to secure 16 scholarships for tertiary students from his constituency. We challenge the honorable MP to make available the details of the scholarships so as to clear the doubts some of us have in our minds. We want no know whether he secured the scholarships from private organizations or from the government of Ghana. The only scholarships that have been granted so far by the government of Ghana from January 2021 till date are the scholarships through the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs). It’s important to let the public know that the Hon. Abed has no idea when the processes for the MMDAs’ scholarships started. The selection interviews were conducted in July 2020 at the time Hon. Abed had very little hopes of becoming an MP. So how can he take credit for such scholarships he has no idea when they were awarded?

Again, the honorable MP claimed he has so far, since becoming an MP, lobbied for 26 job opportunities for some of the youth in his constituency with the requisite qualifications. This is yet another fallacy. Again we want to know whether he got those jobs in the private sector or in the public sector. This is because no agency in the public sector has undertaken any recruitment since January 2021 when Hon. Abed became an MP. We are also very much aware that two of the MP’s younger brothers are NABCO beneficiaries and if he got any job opportunity, he would have at least given the opportunities to them or at least one of them.

Finally on the absorption of the Nakpanduri community Presbyterian SHS into the public stream, the process started way back before Hon. Abed became an MP. The paramount chief of Nakpanduri together with his stakeholders petitioned the former minister for Education, Honourable Mathew Opoku Prempeh through the then regional minister Honourable Solomon Boar for the school to be absorbed into the public stream. The Honourable MP has picked information that approval has been given for the school to be absorbed into the public stream and so chose to take credit for something he knows nothing about.

In conclusion, it’s regrettable that whereas Hon. Abed Bandim’s colleague MPs in the region are busy initiating tangible and physical projects, he’s engaged in trivialities and attempting to reap where he didn’t sow. Our elders tell us that the testicle that will grow to develop hernia shows signs right from the onset. With this litany of lies to begin his reign as the Member of Parliament for the Bunkpurugu constituency, the Honourable Abed Bandim is set to fail.

Walibe Amos
(NER CD for NPP)
0249241977 / 0204034236