The Office of the North East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party will like to set the records straight about some untruths and mischief the above storyline seeks to create in the minds of unsuspecting readers in order to cause disaffection for Chairman Nurudeen affectionately called, Chairman Nuru.

In the evening of Friday 27th August, Chairman Nuru made an appearance at Nobyah FM in Nalerigu to thank delegates of the NPP and indeed members of the party for successful delegates conferences organized across the six constituencies of the North East region. Chairman Nuru had just participated in the Nalerigu-Gambaga constituency delegates conference that afternoon and saw it prudent to address party folks across the region via radio in the evening.

Chairman Nuru never misses an opportunity to motivate and inspire people, especially members of the NPP. As a result, he did indeed indicate that NPP members should take advantage of the recently advertised recruitments in the security services. He added that if in the end at least 10 people go through successfully, others who applied and weren’t successful should be patient and wait for other opportunities in future. Chairman Nuru did really say that NDC members who attack government as a habit should not apply to the security services for recruitment. That’s a fact we are ever ready to stand by. While admitting it, it must however be clarified that such a statement was not made in a vacuum. Dozens of NDC members who attacked and still attacking give troop to party stake holders every blessed day asking for help to get recruited or enlisted into the security services. While support in getting recruited in to the security forces might come in many forms as we all know. Chairman Nuru therefore saw an opportunity to send a message to these NDC goons in an unequivocal manner to stay away from applying to the security services with the believe that the party in the region might be of help to them. Chairman encouraged NPP members who are qualified to apply because their welfare is his responsibility, and that cannot be said of the NDC members.

We categorically also deny that nowhere during the interview did Chairman Nuru state that NPP members who don’t qualify should apply. What baffles us is the fact that a credible media organization like Multimedia didn’t seek our side of the story and went ahead to publish half truths and outright lies. We challenge Multimedia group in general to look for a third opinion from someone who understands Mampruli to see if there’s anywhere in the interview Chairman NURU stated that NPP members should apply even if they don’t qualify.

Finally, we will like to state that Chairman Nurudeen was speaking to a mainly NPP audience and he said things that will inspire them and keep up their activism for the party. Who in Ghana doesn’t know that the security services recruitments are done online? Chairman Nuru doesn’t control these portals and has no such power to remove anyone’s application but he said what he said with no regrets. There’s nothing in the information required from applicants that will determine if they’re party A, B or C. We will actually be glad if NDC supporters will heed the advice of Chairman Nurudeen and stay away from applying to the security services and other job vacancies for recruitment since that will increase the chances of NPP members and nonaligned citizens.
In conclusion, Chairman Nurudeen will like to urge all NPP members to close their ranks as it has become very apparent that there are traitors among us collaborating with the enemies of the party and government. The interests of the party and its members will always remain the preoccupation of Chairman Nurudeen and he’s willing to go to the gallows for that. It must be clear to us now that those who mean well for the party have been separated from the evil collaborators who don’t care about the future of the party but only their selfish ambitions.

Simon Suayam
Aide to NPP Regional Chairman
North East